Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Things that I'm Loving

1. This breakfast room. And the highchair...which Rob received for Christmas [yay!]
It's so sleek and small that you barely know it's there; a real plus in our tiny eating area. And, it can be used as a chair (as seen below) as the child gets older. Genius design by the Swedes...who else?

2. This shower curtain. You'll recall that we discussed custom shower curtains awhile back. I would add this curtain-style to the top of the list when looking for a unique design in your bathroom. I love how it kisses the floor and frames the tub. And the fresh!

3. Leopard print carpet. Bold? Yes. A little risky? Yes. But when it's done well (as Miles Redd shows below), it's fabulous.

4. Custom tablecloths. Any boring table can be transformed through a custom-made tablecloth in a great fabric. Opt for a soft outdoor fabric to guard against inevitable spills. It's an inexpensive take on the dining room table with limitless possibilities for color and pattern.

So many ideas & projects...where to begin?

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