Monday, June 28, 2010

Keepin' It Clean

I've decided over the past few years that custom shower curtains are one of my favorite design touches. Sometimes it's hard to make bathrooms special...especially on a tight budget. But adding a custom curtain not only provides you with an opportunity to add some fun fabric to your bath, it's also a pretty inexpensive way to liven up the space, too.

You know how hanging curtains as close to the ceiling as possible visually "lifts" the room and makes it appear much bigger/higher than it really is? (if you didn't, that's another important design touch that you should tuck away for future use). Well, having a custom made shower curtain that reaches close to your ceiling and falls to the floor will do the same for your bathroom, which is important because these rooms are usually pretty small to begin with and could use some sizing tricks in their favor.

This topic is fresh on my mind because I just had a curtain made for our upstairs bathroom that I adore; all of the colorful animals in the fabric really perk up what was once a very neutral space and the custom height really expands the room. It's our master bath, as well as the bath for the nursery, so I love that this fabric is playful enough for Rob but sophisticated enough for Ryan and me.

Image by Anna Applegate

Below is the first custom curtain I had made for our guest bath; adding solid banding at the top offers more definition and an even greater visual "lift."

Image by Anna Applegate

Some other examples & images of custom shower curtains:

Image via Coastal Living

In this iconic Domino bathroom (below), the designer had the curtain applied to a track on the ceiling, so that it could be easily slid across the wall; genius!

Image via Domino

Notice (below) the added dimension that comes from applying trim and a valance.

Image via Cottage Living

Image via So Haute

One "housekeeping" note on custom shower curtains; you'll need an extra-long liner. I ordered this one for our upstairs bath and it's worked great. I love that it's non-toxic (chlorine-free and odorless) and biodegradable.

You'll want to measure the ceiling height of your bathroom to find the ideal length for your curtain; stick with a traditional width (72") so that you don't run into issues with liners and hooks (they come standard with a 72" width and in packs of 12, respectively). In most bathrooms, you should be okay with an 84" height, but, again, measure to be sure.

If you're convinced but don't know where to begin to order one for yourself, contact me ( with questions.

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