Friday, January 21, 2011

Daily Painters

It's Friday already?!? I'm certainly not complaining, but where did the week go?

Part of my distraction this week stems from a new website that my Mom introduced to me called Daily Painters. Each day it features the work of many different artists, which you can buy right from the site. I would love to collect more art, and this site has given me many new artists to consider. Some of my favorites from this week are:

Nancy Poucher

Carol Marine

 Michael Naples

 Cori Solomon

 Delilah Smith

 Debbie Miller

George Coll

Mark Adams

If you're like me and forget to check certain websites frequently, you can sign up to have the daily paintings emailed to you. Whether or not you're in the market for new art, it's a treat to see beautiful paintings each morning and to discover new artists. Be sure to check the size of the paintings before buying; most all are pretty small, making them perfect for displaying on a bookshelf, in a gallery display on a wall, or on a table top.

Enjoy browsing and happy weekend! 

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  1. Blog looks so good! I mentioned you today on Happy House Blog. Thanks again, Anna!!