Monday, October 26, 2009

To Market, To Market

Last week I attended the High Point Furniture Market, searching for the best new products and trends to feature at AAI. I found lots of fabulous items, some of which will be appearing at Hunt & Gather soon. I'm especially excited about some seasonal items that will debut at the Hunt & Gather Holiday Open House on Saturday, November 21st; mark your calendar if you'll be in the Raleigh area that day!

I was thrilled by the amount of new rugs that I saw at Market this year. From living rooms to nurseries, I've been asked a lot lately for suggestions on beautiful- yet durable- rugs. While I usually gravitate towards the elegant simplicity of natural fiber rugs, they are not always the best option when children and pets abound. Yet it's sometimes hard to find alternatives that are pleasing to the eye, mind and wallet.

Solution: this incredible line of indoor/outdoor rugs, which can be sprayed down with a hose to clean and are chic enough for even the most refined of rooms yet so kid and pet-friendly.

This same company also makes an adorable line of kids' rugs that had me wishing for a nursery (or two, or three) to decorate. Made of cotton, they are easy to clean and soft on tiny knees and elbows.

For your more adult-focused rooms, I found the following lines which offer gorgeous options of floor coverings in hooked, needlepoint and reversible styles. Many can be made in custom colors; send them a fabric swatch and they'll match the colors of your rug to it.

There are more market finds to share, so stay tuned...


  1. We like a couple of those. Thanks for posting.

  2. Would you mind posting the maker of the rugs? They look great for a child's room/house