Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Big Apple

Ryan and I were in New York this weekend, visiting dear friends and enjoying the city in autumn; my favorite time to be there!

A few things to share:

1. It's fall! Pumpkins are everywhere, and I am loving this multi-colored display on Lexington Avenue. The metallic ones were spray painted by the shop owner, but look so elegant and natural. However, I'm still partial to the white pumpkins, which are my favorite. I can't wait to get some for our porch at home!

2. We visited the Chelsea Flea market on Saturday. It's a fabulous spot for unique finds, and I purchased a few goodies for the booth, which I'll share with you this week.

3. I visited the New York School of Interior Design during my visit. To say that I was impressed is an understatement! From the beautiful century-old campus on the upper East side to the tantalizing course descriptions (Modern Architecture & Design, Great Women Designers, Economics of Taste & Style and Mixed Media Rendering, to name a few) and stellar alumni roster (including two of my favorites, Alberto Villalobos and Mercedes Desio), the school has so much to offer design lovers like myself. If you've thought about going to school for interior design and want to be in New York, I highly recommend looking into the NYSID programs. I'd love an opportunity to continue my studies here someday!

Stay tuned for information on my New York purchases for AAI. Many thanks to Zack & Tracy for hosting us this weekend; y'all are truly the best.

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