Thursday, April 22, 2010

So Right, So Smart

The RiverRun International Film Festival is in town this week and I saw an inspiring documentary on Tuesday called “So Right, So Smart,” directed by Justin Maine, Guy Noerr, Leanne Robinson-Maine and Michael Swantek. The movie mostly features the story of Ray Anderson, chairman of the international carpet company, Interface, who decided to move his company towards sustainability in a bold and dramatic manner. The film features a myriad of other designers, business owners, artists and environmentalists and has an interesting focus on how sustainable practices have provided a boost to their economic bottom line.

More importantly, the film highlights environmental issues that must be addressed in all sectors of the marketplace. I was inspired as a designer, a small business owner, and as a citizen of the world to improve my own everyday practices, from being more selective about what I throw away to better choosing the materials with which I work and create.

If you’re in or around the Winston-Salem area, I’d highly recommend attending one of the last two screenings, which will take place this Saturday and Sunday. More information can be found at

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