Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Muse

I love Ruthie Sommers. Not only is she an incredibly talented interior decorator, her approach to design is down to earth, creative, resourceful, and just plain smart. When I have trouble trying to define my own style, I often cite Ruthie’s work as a great source of inspiration and hope that the audience at hand is familiar with it. If you are not, check out Ruthie’s new website and enjoy flipping through her fabulous portfolio; she really is amazing.

Reading through Ruthie’s first-person biography endeared her to me even further, and I couldn’t have articulated my own goals and philosophies as a decorator any better than she does here:

"So here is my deal. My car is filled with fabric samples, old coffee cups and crumbled up paint chips. My office is not the beautiful neat organized office you may see on the pages of a magazine. The glossy white walls and perfectly p-touched folders are an illusion. I am proud of the homes I have decorated. I think they look wonderful on my website. But people live in them and there are stains on the ottoman and the peonies only make it to the mantel for the photo shoots and parties. I feel my success comes from something one can not photograph. The most fun I have, aside from designing sassy bars and cute powder rooms, is creating livable rooms and becoming part of someone’s family. I watch their purse carefully and in return I gain trust. And a great house is the outcome.

So . . . I am just a decorator. Big staff, great store or small garage office.. I have not changed. I have realized that my goal is not do so many things in this industry that I forget to decorate. I still schlep lampshades in my car and the highlight of my day is going downtown to check on carpentry in a old warehouse. Glamorous this job is not. However, I live and breathe to have a relationship with a home and the people that live in it. My goal is not have people remark at parties that Ruthie designed the most amazing aubergine lacquered room. But it is to hear that they were treated carefully, honestly and creatively. And that . . . is all I need."

Yes…what she said.

Off to New York for the weekend with some girlfriends. Hopefully there will be finds to share with you next week from the Big Apple; until then, have a great one!

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