Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More daybeds

Is it just me, or are daybeds popping up everywhere?

Maybe I just have a heightened sense of awareness right now...but I've been finding them, and they sure are pretty.

Image via Pink Wallpaper

Image from Elle Decor, via Pink Wallpaper

Image via Elle Decor

This last one is from Ballard Designs...and it's on sale right now. It's too big for my stairs, but maybe it will work for you?

For further pink inspiration or to indulge your feminine side, check out this lovely spread from the blog Pink Wallpaper.

Happy Friday!


  1. what if it is a BOY? I am seeing a heavy lean toward pink and feminine! but, I suspect you are correct in your leaning... these images are fab!

  2. I am really liking the day beds!!