Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Little Apple

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So you may have noticed that inventory and, thus, posts have been a little slow lately. Well, if there's ever been a somewhat decent excuse for slacking off, I guess this would be it: there's a little apple on the way!

Much of the last three months have been consumed with nausea, fatigue and, most recently, dreams of a nursery. With t-minus 6 months to go, much of my design thoughts have been focused (okay, obsessed) with creating a beautiful, practical and budget-friendly dwelling for him or her.

Not knowing the sex yet (about 5 more weeks) has made deciding on the specifics a little challenging. While I don't want an overtly feminine or masculine room, I do want to incorporate some gender-specific elements. [Confession: I may or may not have bought an adorable girl-friendly fabric about 2 weeks after I found out we were pregnant; it was too fabulous to pass know how that goes.]

As my husband has grown a little weary of hearing my back-and-forth musings on how to decorate the nursery, I need a new forum in which to express my thoughts and ideas. So pardon the occasional post if nursery talk if it isn't your cup of tea at the moment, but enjoy if it is. And if you have nursery ideas of your own, please feel free to share; this is a whole new side of design for me!

1. The Room

What's now our office area upstairs will become the nursery. The walls are paneled wood, painted with Benjamin Moore's Linen White; a favorite color of mine. If you've ever painted paneled wood, you know what a nightmare it is, so these walls will be staying just as they are.

2. The Dilemma

Our house is a 1945 cottage, full of both the charming and annoying quirks of older construction. For example, the stairway opening leading to the second floor is a mere 23" wide, making it impossible to get such items as an upholstered glider up the stairs. Thus, finding a way (23" wide or less) to rock my baby to sleep in the wee hours of the night is a bit of a challenge.

3. Options
Given said dilemma, seating is the biggest issue to tackle. I've always loved the Eames Molded Plastic Rocker and am pretty sure that I can get this up the stairs. It's a classic design and can be used not only in future nurseries but also in bedrooms, a den or an office down the road. You can get a knock-off on for $158, a fraction of the cost of the "real thing."

My only question: is it comfortable enough for many hours of use every night?

Another size-friendly option is a daybed. I found inspiration from several images and love the tailored look and practical comfort that a daybed offers:

Image via Style Court; Nursery of Tara Guerard, Designed by Angie Hranowsky

*side note: Roman shades just like these are a must. Check.

Image via Style Court; Designed by Angie Hransowsky

Image via Elle Decor; Home of Reed & Delphine Krakoff

The daybed route may prove to be a little more expensive and labor-intensive, but would the comfort factor make the extras worthwhile?

4. Other

Remember the irrational fabric purchase discussed earlier? This is it. So, if it's not a girl, you may be seeing this again on an AAI project in the future. I just love it.

This sheepskin rug is currently in our bedroom. But it's so soft and (ahem) already purchased, so it may find its way into the nursery. We shall see.

This is the chest of drawers currently in the office (picture taken by my talented friend, Lindsey, on a day when the office was much cleaner and more organized...obviously). I'm thinking that it will now become the changing table and the lamps will stay, assuming there's room. How big is a changing pad, anyways? So much to learn...

And, perhaps the most important element of a nursery...the crib.

I like this one.

I found it via Urban Grace, from the nursery of Laurie Rhoney. I love her crib skirt and appreciate how it hides the unsightly (yet incredibly practical) drawer at the bottom.

That's all of my nursery thoughts for now. We'll revisit in about 5 weeks when I know the sex and can get to work selecting favorite part of decorating.


  1. So excited for y'all!!! Can't wait to see your nursery plans. Congrats!

  2. this post is TOP-NOTCH! that little apple is going to be living in style and comfort... i absolutely love your ideas! Can't wait to see more...

  3. YAY! I am finally catching up on your blog! I am SO excited for little baby apple!! The nursery is probably going to be one of the cutest things I've ever seen! Can't wait to see new pictures of ideas!

  4. The nursery looks fab, another place to get amazing reprod classic rockers and such is