Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I have new-found appreciation and love for doors. Weird, I know. But the right door can make such a difference, of which I was reminded last week when new doors were installed at the house. (yay!)

With little to no natural light in the downstairs laundry and play rooms, we decided to replace the solid exterior doors with 15-light doors. It already makes a huge difference in terms of opening up the space.

Laundry door- old

 Laundry door- new

Playroom door-old

 Playroom door- new

And in the kitchen, we replaced the door and window with a french door, to allow for more light, better positioning of the cabinets, and easier flow out to the deck (which is currently the size of a postage stamp, but that's a post/project for another time...) and backyard. 

 Kitchen door/window- old

Kitchen french door- new

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