Monday, February 28, 2011

Something to Savor

There's a (relatively) new magazine out for us North Carolinians to enjoy, called Savor NC. And-get this- it's a real magazine- remember those? They have wonderfully glossy pages that you can actually turn with your fingers while curled up on the couch with a blanket and a glass of wine (there's no better way to read a magazine, is there?) But, I digress...

Savor NC is a great publication devoted to "savoring the good life" in our great state. From wine and food to travel and decor, this magazine does a wonderful job of celebrating North Carolina in a way that we can all appreciate.

In between issues, visit Savor NC's blog, where (full disclosure) yours truly will be blogging a few times a month about all things relating to the world of design. Today I've posted my top ten white paint colors, an arsenal of basic neutrals that work for practically any room. Be sure to check it out and keep your eyes peeled for the next issue of Savor NC, found at various locations near you.

Best Dressed

Most inspirational dress at last night's Oscars? Cate Blanchett's Givenchy number. Oh, how I love it. She's made me rethink lavender, a color of which I've never been a huge fan. But after seeing this dress, and then mentally translating it to the world of interiors (bringing it back, people), I could live in a room of these colors (love the splash of canary yellow!) and textures. Lovely.

It's funny, the critics are very mixed on Cate's dress and it's been very controversial today; whatever, I say. I'm no fashion guru, but I thought it was elegant, interesting, and timeless, which is a win in my book. And I love how the colors remind us that spring is finally around the corner!

Who won your vote for "Best Dressed?"

Friday, February 25, 2011

Pardon me

...but this is what I've felt like for the past few weeks. (minus those magnificent windows, unfortunately)

A certain 6-month old has demanded every last drop of my energy & attention lately, which has left me no time for posts. I'm praying for a restful weekend and that we'll be back in business on Monday.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Island Design

The February edition of Coastal Living features the beautiful Bahamian home of Marcie Bond, the owner of a clothing shop (Marcie Bond Resort Clothing) in New Providence Island. Each image had me both wanting to hop a plane for the islands and redecorate my house- with lots of color. 

Bond's Caribbean cottage was built in 1963 and needed lots of work when she and her family moved in. But, instead of tearing it down in favor of new construction (where's the fun in that?), Marcie restored the house to its original layout and retained many windows, doors, and other distinctive features. She also decorated with mid-century furnishings, fabrics and accessories as well as local art, giving the home an authentically vintage Bahamian look. Her decor is not only gorgeous, but it's livable, cheerful, and a smart nod to the home's original charm. 

After reading this article, I don't know what I want more- a trip to the Bahamas or that fabulous pink & brown China Seas canopy over my bed!

all images via Coastal Living